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5 things you can do to get your YouTube channel organic views


The YouTube channel is the perfect place to build a community, interact, and establish positive relationships with our audience. However, the realities of the platform are such that we will not be able to immediately gather a wide audience, but there is something that can help with this.

Good optimization is even a few tens of percent more views of each video, and in the case of creating a channel from scratch, it is a mandatory and necessary element.

What is this optimization?

Matter awareness

Look at YouTube a little differently - treat it like a big search engine because the platform is the second (after Google) largest search engine in the world. If so, our YouTube channel can be compared to a website that wants its articles to appear high in search results. For this to happen, we need to empower people to find our content. This opportunity is good channel optimization.

Content is king

Content is most important. When you think about a YouTube channel that will be successful and meet your goals, we MUST remember that content matters most. The most important thing is not only to buy 200 youtube views, but also to convince people that they should return to us, that we give viewers cool, interesting, educational and engaging content. Therefore, the quality of the content and the professionalism of its production are extremely important.

Permanent content format

The format, that is, a certain pattern, the construction of our episode. People love repetition and want to know what to expect. Therefore, we should not create a channel that will be a repository of content for us, that is, a place where we drop all the weird videos we have. And advertising, and video blogs from vacations, and reports from events, and explanations of our products. We need to solve something. People - our viewers, subscribers, potential clients want to know what to expect from us, and have a reason to come back - after all, every week, at a certain time, a film awaits them

Regularity and persistence

Once we decide on the format, we need to plan when we want to show our films to people. When starting a new channel, we have to be very careful with the regularity and do our best to post at least one video every week at the same time. This approach means that, on the one hand, from the very beginning we accustom viewers to regularity, we give them comfort and promise to deliver content, on the other hand, the YouTube algorithm learns that it “can trust us”, that we are a solid blogger, and Our videos are watched by everyone.

Construction of the canal

There are several elements to notice here. First of all, remember that YouTube is not TV, we shouldn't start the streak with opening credits. The first few / several tens of seconds of each movie is a very important time. Therefore, it is important to show people the most interesting, beautiful and best parts of our episode at the beginning of the film, then show the initial sequence (literally a few seconds), and then move on to the whole film.


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